One Blue Sweater

August 24th, 2012


What a warm Frog we’ll have!

August 24th, 2012

This is week 37 for the Frog, which is significant in that now most frogs’ lungs are developed enough to survive outside of their mother’s uterus and are thus considered “full term”. It is significant for his parents because based on this information he could arrive any day, although his due date is still 3 weeks away and we are encouraging him to stick to that time frame despite the increased heartburn his uterine presence elicits.

BabyCenter states that at this age many fetuses have hair and are the length of a large stalk of chard; the proximity of these two statements provokes an image of our child with an unruly garden of chard-hair on his head- an undesirable trait but at least nutritious, and a good source of iron.

As we prepare for our frog’s arrival we have received so many beautiful frog-gifts from friends and family, some of them hand-made projects that are nothing short of a labor of love. We took pictures this week of quilts that the frog’s great aunt, grandma, family friend, and mom have made for him; it feels so incredible to feel so much support for our new arrival and both parents are extremely grateful for all our family and friends!


We’re on a Boat

July 24th, 2012

Reprising last Summer’s visit to the Dondlinger Country Estate in Annandale, MN, we showed Frog the waters of half his homeland.

Due up next: mountains and rivers of southern Oregon.

Also (and unfortunately) we’re missing a @nauticalThemedPashminaAfghan and flippy floppies. We do have a really nice sunset though. And an epic pose in front of a cloud-speckled blue sky. And a sexy jet ski.

Check out these pieces of inspiration for our own really awkward pregnancy photos.


Kabin Kamping at KOA

July 8th, 2012

Well, Leondra married Charley this weekend outside Hood River and we took Frog on his first camping trip. As a novice camper, we thought he might have the best experience if he got to practice camping by Kamping in a Kabin. There was a fashion shoot prior to the wedding. Also the wedding was really nice and Frog said he enjoyed it very much.


Week 28

June 20th, 2012

Professionals in the health field assure us that everything is going along well, despite the uncanny resemblance to @Skeletor.


Family Dinner

June 2nd, 2012

Which of us is pregnant?

Week 21

May 5th, 2012

This week Excalibur/The Frog has logged 21 weeks of intra-uterine life! The most exciting part of this milestone has been feeling him move around- this started about 7 days ago, anticlimactically, during a lecture. They’ve been saying that once you feel the fetus move you will realize that you have actually been feeling it for a while and mistaking it for gas but I think that is completely untrue- there is no mistaking this feeling, and also I never have gas – obviously.

The Frog’s length this week is the carrot – a 10.5 inch carrot (why don’t they just say 10.5 inches??). He has eyebrows and eyelashes. In his ultrasound exam he was found to have a beating heart, a liver, intestines, two kidneys and all four extremities. It was really cool to see the 4 tiny chambers of his heart leaping around in his body! My favorite part right now is that the frog wakes up when when we do in the morning and I can lie there and feel him moving- probably working on his memoir or going to the gym, playing some ball. As I write this I can feel him poking around so he knows I’m talking about him!

Lucas and I are including a picture so you can guess which one of us is pregnant! Also there is a picture of Excalibur taken during his ultrasound – I may be a little partial, but he really looks like the most noble fetus ever.

Lots of love,

Lucas and Becca (and Frog)

Staying Active in the Community

Week 18

April 11th, 2012

Good morning! Today the Frog is 18 weeks old in his uterine life; he is the size of a bell pepper- these fruit and vegetable comparisons are so vague and have prompted a lot of in-depth discussion about WHAT SIZE FRUIT/VEGETABLE small or big? so in case you are wondering, the size of bell pepper that is making my pants tight is apparently about 5 inches crown-to-rump. No movement felt so far but hopefully soon!

The Frog’s ears (whose embryonic formation I could now bore you with) are in the “right” place- rather than below his jaw, where they started out. Also, for anyone interested his nerves are beginning to be myelinated and will continue to keep myelinating about a year after he is born. The myelination of babies’ nerves corresponds with their ability to move independently: first their head, then grasping things, then standing and walking! This is one of the perks of being in medical school while pregnant.

You would think that a 5 inch bell pepper inside one of your body organs would appear big but I don’t look very pregnant-y yet. And in Lebanon, where sweatpants and paunches are pretty much the norm for any female over 12, I blend right in. Still, I’m feeling pretty hungry these days so either the Frog is growing or it’s just me- either way, next time you see me my belly will be bigger!


Week 13

March 9th, 2012

AKA, the coolest technology we’ve ever seen. Yes, that’s a 3-D, space-age, radar scan of the tiny Frog at negative 6 months old.